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Shift Recordings was founded by Lukki in Seattle, WA in 2007, In partnership with the successful dubstep monthly of the same name, headed up by Dirty Steve. Shift Recordings is dedicated to releasing only the most cutting-edge and ground-breaking dubstep from the some of the world's most talented and original producers.

After being approached by Reso for Worldwide vinyl distribution through Z Audio, Shift inked a deal and their 12" releases started dropping in early 2008. Currently, SHIFT001 through SHIFT004 are in stores, and 005 is coming soon. Keep your eyes and ears open, there is no escaping the sounds of Shift...

"Bizarro World EP"
Release Date: October 26, 2009
Catalog #: SHIFTDIGI014


1. "To the Top" (w/ Chi)
2. "Bizarro World"
3. "Dr. Manhattan"
4. "This is Spacerock"
5. "Mammon" (w/ Chi)


Fragile's "Bizarro World EP" (a follow-up to his single "Unabomber" on SHIFT003 -12") is a powerful collection of deep and dark dance floor destroyers. Teaming up with Chi on "To the Top" (a rap-infused roller that busts into into full-time drums and wicked percussion) to kick it off in true roughneck fashion. Track 2, "Bizarro World" starts off like a demented carnival on Mars and then just gets weird. A bubbling bassline, eerie Sci-fi samples and intense drum work show off his signature style of raver grenades.

"Dr. Manhattan" intro creeps from sad and solemn to downright scary until it erupts into a ripping bassline that absolutely destroys every time. Definitely a smasher of a tune! Track 4, "This is Spacerock", (with its undeniably catchy, reverbed vocal melody and mellow intro bass) drops into a devastating bassline that is probably considered felony assault in some areas. Shift is not responsible for any beheadings of any dancefloors as a result of dropping this tune.

Finishing it off proper on track 5 (another collaboration with Chi), "Mammon" is a rising roller with a growling, stabbing bass and haunting vocal samples to bring the EP to a nice smoldering close the only way they know how in Texas... BIG!